Language seminar presented

The School of Education at California State University, Bakersfield, in collaboration with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools, is presenting a week-long professional staff development seminar which is focused on improving the quality of instructional strategies used to meet the needs of the second language learners, grades 4-12.

The seminar will be held at CSUB, Aug. 6-10 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. All participants will be paid a stipend for this week, as well as another stipend for the four follow-up sessions to be scheduled during the school year.

The seminar presented by the English Language Development Professional Institute will provide a series of foundation workshops, special institutes and hands-on curriculum development activities.

The purpose of the English Language Development Professional Institute is to provide research-based instruction that is sufficient in scope, depth and duration in the following areas:

• Pupil assessment in the content areas.
• Standards-based instruction for English learners.
• Multidisciplinary instructional strategies which address the state-adopted academic content standards

The English Language Development Professional Institute intends to expand the abilities of teachers to improve the English proficiency of Kern County's English-learners students and to improve the acquisition of content area curriculum in a more effective and timely fashion through the implementation of research-based teaching and assessment strategies, which will be presented during the seminar.

Keynote speakers are Adel Nadeau, chair of the English Language Standards Development Committee; Guadalupe Solis, assistant superintendent for the Reef/Sunset School District and an assessment expert; Kathleen Kenfield, presenter on English language instructional strategies; and Stephen Krashen, University of Southern California professor, author and lecturer.

Please call contacts CSUB professors Debra Hirai at (661) 664-3129 or Irene Borrego at (661) 664-2095 for further information.