SEPTEMBER 27, 2001
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CSUB welcomes new faculty to campus

A record number of new faculty are on campus at California State University, Bakersfield this fall. They were introduced by James H. George, acting provost and vice president for academic affairs, at CSUB's recent University Day.

In the
School of Business and Public Administration, dean Henry Lowenstein welcomed Chandrasekhar Commuri and Christopher Mausolff as new assistant professors of public administration. Aaron Phillips is associate professor of finance and accounting and Ronald Pimentel is assistant professor of management and marketing.

In the School of Education, dean Sheryl Santos presented Beth Bader-Paetschow as assistant professor of teacher education; John Casey, professor, advanced education; and Emilio Garza, assistant professor, advanced education. New to the teacher education department are assistant professors Jacqueline Hughes, Yeun-joo Lee, Philip Patterson, and Stacy Schmidt. Hee-jung Kim and Jeffrey Moffit are new assistant professors of physical education and kinesiology.

In the
School of Humanities and Social Sciences, dean Marla Iyasere introduced Marianne Abramson as new assistant professor of psychology; David Berri, assistant professor, economics; David Eng, assistant professor, philosophy & religious studies; Steven Frye, associate professor, English; and Anne Duran, assistant professor, psychology. In the sociology & anthropology department, Kathryn Geurts was hired as assistant professor; Brian Hemphill, associate professor; and Patricia Jennings, assistant professor. Kristine Kosak and Roseanna McCleary are new assistant professors in social work. Brett Rosenberg is assistant professor of modern languages and literature; Raymond Sparks is assistant professor of criminal justice.

In the
School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering, interim dean Thomas Meyer welcomed Vladimir Gasparyan as new associate professor of physics and geology. Also new are Kathleen Gilchrist, associate professor, nursing; Jiang Guo, assistant professor, computer sciences; Wei Li, associate professor, computer sciences; David Murphy, assistant professor, mathematics; Paul Smith, assistant professor, biology; Marcia Tyler Evans, assistant professor, nursing, and Arif Wani, professor of computer sciences.