MARCH 22, 2000

Contact: Pat Wright, 661/664-2138; pwright@csub.edu


CSUB students present research


The 10th annual Student Research Competition was held recently at California State University, Bakersfield. Winners were Jason Anthony, Victoria Harvey, Gale Grasse, and Misty Hendricks. They will compete at the state event in May at Cal Poly Pomona.

Anthony earned first prize with his research into risk assessment and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. Geology professor Dirk Baron was his faculty sponsor. Second-prize winner Harvey studied social status in a prehsitoric community in the Mojave Desert. She examined burial goods and artifacts to determine differences in status and rank in the community. Her adviser was anthropology professor Mark Sutton.

Grasse and Hendricks shared third prize. Grasse, also advised by Sutton, studied cave art in the San Emigdio Mountains. She examined local rock art that appears to illustrate solar alignments. Hendricks examined the physiology of exercise, specifically how certain muscle adaptation occurs. Her adviser was biology professor Todd McBride.

Also presenting at this year's event were CSUB students Kaye Lynn Falconer, Christopher Hinton, Dustine Rojas-Kraft, Ruth Veinote, and Irma Morales Waugh.

According to Selina Ganopole, dean of graduate studies and research, conducting research provides benefits to student and teacher alike, including developing scholarship and keeping knowledge current, as well as developing intellectual skills. Furthermore, she said, presenting their research gives students a chance to share their accomplishments and learn more.

The Division of Graduate Studies and Research sponsors the event. CSUB faculty served as judges. They were Jorgen Berglund, mathematics; Michael Flachmann, English; Laura Hecht, sociology/anthropology; Thomas Meyer, computer science/physics/geology; and Linda Wells, biology.