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The Bakersfield Californian asked the following California State College, Bakersfield Alumni on February 2, 1988 about their opinion on earning university status to become California State University, Bakersfield.

The Bakersfield Californian, Tuesday, February 2, 1983
Alumni Reactions to CSB becoming a University...

Kern County Supervisor B.A. Public Admin, 1983
Roy Ashburn

"I think it is certainly well deserved. Cal State has provided an excellent level of education and training for many in the community."

"It's the attitude of the community that it is, in fact, a good institution. We should be supportive and encourage young people in the community to get an education here."

Camille Gavin
Author and Columnist, M.A. Education, 1979
Camille Gavin

"I think perhaps it will give CSB more prestige and pride in itself."

"Perhaps it won't be something to come about in this year, but in the years to come. It's a step forward."

Geary Taylor
Kern County Administrative Officer B.A. Business,
1974 M.A, Public Admin, 1976
Geary Taylor

"I know they've been working very hard."

"The designation of university vs. college I don't think in any way diminishes the quality of the education they had before. Now, possibly, they'll be able to more easily attract good faculty.

"When I went there, the class sizes were small and the kind of personal attention I thought was great. I know that classes are larger now and I hope they don't get away from that feeling."

Pauline Larwood
Kern County Supervisor M.A. History, 1976
Pauline Larwood

"I think it's very beneficial for the service area of the university. We have many people who want to continue their education and, through the years, have gone elsewhere."

"The County of Kern is the largest employer in the country and we have many technical people, from engineers to sanitation people."

"Private industry also has many people with science and technology backgrounds. I hope we could do something so people can do their postgraduate work here and not have to drive to Los Angeles or other places."

James Childs
Bakersfield councilman B.A. Sociology, 1971,
M.A. Counseling and Personnel Services, 1981
James Childs

"There's no doubt that a university status for a school adds to the prestige of that school and it adds an aura of successful community."

"Personally, I'm extremely fortunate that I got my education there. I did my classes all at night while I was working two and three jobs."

Kern County Auditor & Tax Collector,
B.S. Business and Public Admin, 1973

"It's recognition by the college system that they provide good programs."

"I think that university status will probably provide a broader scope of programs for students, like oil engineering or something for the oil industry. It would be very much of a benefit. There is a lot of talent locally and some if it has to leave to get an education."

"It's a partnership, the college with community. The university status doesn't change that. If anything, it will continue to get better."