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B.A. In Criminal Justice - Degree Requirements

Concentration Outline (PDF)

I. Prerequisites To The Major (15 units)

CRJU 100 Intro to Criminal Justice
MATH 140 Elementary Statistics or CRJU 200 Statistical Methods in Criminal Justice or PSYC 200 Psych. Statistics
SOC 100 or PSYC 100

II. Major Requirements (41 units)

A. Basic Core Courses (21 units)

CRJU 250 Research Methods
CRJU 310 Advanced Criminal Law
CRJU 371 Theoretical Perspectives in Criminal Justice
CRJU 490 Senior Seminar

B. Criminal Justice Systems and Area Courses (20 units)

1) Required courses (15 units)
Take all three courses:

CRJU 376 Advanced Topics in Policing
CRJU 378 Advanced Topics in Courts
CRJU 379 Advanced Topics in Corrections

2) Select one of the following (5 units):

CRJU 380 Advanced Topics in Juvenile Justice
CRJU 420 Criminal Justice Policymaking
CRJU 430 Victims and the Criminal Justice System

III. Theme & Elective Courses (20 units):

A. Race and Gender in Criminal Justice (select one)

CRJU 325 Women and the Criminal Justice System
CRJU 330 Race, Ethnicity, and the Criminal Justice System

B. Drugs, Gangs, and White Collar Crime (select one)

CRJU 340 Drugs and Crime
CRJU 345 Gangs in America
CRJU 350 White Collar Crime

C. Criminal Justice Electives
(Including six lower division courses from California Community College transfer AA-AJ 122, 124, 140, 160, 200, 220)
(select two)

CRJU 150 Forensic Science
CRJU 210 Issues, Values and Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 440 Terrorism
CRJU 477 Selected Topics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 480 Directed Research in Criminal Justice
CRJU 494 Profiling Violence
CRJU 496 Internship in Criminal Justice
CRJU 497 Cooperative Education
CRJU 499 Individual Study

Minor, Concentration, and Special Minor

The Minor in Criminal Justice requires four courses,
including CRJU 100, or an approved equivalent,
and three upper division Criminal Justice courses, as
approved by the Department Chair of Criminal Justice.

In addition to meeting the requirements for the
major, the student must satisfactorily complete one
of the three university required options listed below:

1. A special minor consisting of at least 20
quarter units, 15 of which must be upper
division, approved by the student’s advisor,
taken outside the major discipline.

2. A minor consisting of at least 20 quarter units
within a minor program designed and approved
by another discipline.

3. An interdisciplinary concentration or minor in
one of the specially developed areas such as
Black Studies, Chicano Studies, Asian Studies,
Latin American Studies, or Women’s Studies.

Students may elect to declare a Double Major in lieu of the Minor Requirement.

Department of Criminal Justice

California State University, Bakersfield
Mail Stop: 24 DDH
9001 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA  93311-1022 

Phone:  (661) 654-2433
Fax: (661) 654-2627
Office: Dorothy Donahoe Hall C116

Requirements for the Minor in Criminal Justice

Four courses, including CRJU 100 Introduction to CJ or an approved equivalent, and three upper division Criminal Justice courses, as approved by the Department of Criminal Justice.