Counseling Services

The CSUB student Counseling Center offers a variety of counseling services to all regularly enrolled CSUB students. The services are designed to help students in reaching their educational goals. The services are provided for by the student's registration fees and are confidential within state and federal laws and the CSU policies.

The CSUB Counseling Center provides:

Individual Counseling

This is an opportunity to meet on a one to one basis with a professional counselor to explore various need and concerns. Working with students from a short-term counseling model, counselors may help students with personal or academic concerns. Personal counseling includes dealing with adjustment, relationships, emotional concerns (such as loneliness, self-confidence, anger, and depression) and abuse. Personal counseling may address any issue, which influences a person's sense of well being and progress in school. Educational counseling includes selecting an appropriate major, working on academic problems and educational planning. It also provides opportunities for identifying interests, goals and skills, including learning decision making, time-management and anxiety reduction skills.

General Studies Courses

Each quarter the counselors teach a variety of psycho-educational courses under the General Studies (GST) courses. Groups typically available include such areas as stress management, anger management, personal relationships, assertiveness, test and math anxiety, parenting, managing psychological disabilities, and adult children from dysfunctional families.

Crisis Intervention

Counselors are available for crisis intervention during regular business hours.

*See below for after hours emergency contact numbers.

After-hours, Emergency phone numbers:

Kern County Mental Health, Crisis Stabilization Unit

(661) 868-8000

Good Samaritan Hospital

(661) 399-4461 - 901 Olive Drive

(661) 398-1800 - 5201 White Lane

CSUB Public Safety

(661) 654-2111 (911)