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Unisex, Single User, and Low Traffic Bathrooms at CSUB

Unisex Bathrooms:

  • Faculty Towers (1 on ground floor)
  • Student Recreation Center (1 to left of the locker rooms across from the rock wall)
  • Student Health Services (2 in hall between the two main entry doors)

Gender Specific Single User Bathrooms:

  • Student Union ( 1 Male and 1 Female between the bookstore and the Blue Room)
  • Faculty Towers (1 Women’s on 2nd Floor and 1 Men’s on 3rd Floor)
  • Admissions and Records/Financial Aid Lobby (1 Women’s and 1 Men’s)

Low Traffic Multiple-person Bathrooms:

  • Career Education and Community Engagement (Down the hall toward the Café) (Women’s is a single stall and Men’s is a single stall and a urinal)
  • Administration West (Facing East, across from Faculty Towers)
  • Performing Arts Building (West side of building, across from Lecture Building, near lockers)
  • Business Development Center (2nd Floor, 2 Female, 2 Male)
  • Dorthy Donahoe Hall (2nd Floor)