Confidentiality Policy

The Counseling Center staff adheres to state and federal laws, and professional ethical standards which require that all client information be held in strict confidence. Within our program, any services you receive are completely confidential within the limits of the law. Confidential information about the services you receive from the Counseling Center is kept separately from your academic records at CSUB. No information about you or the services your receive from the Counseling Center may be released without your written consent.

However, state law and university policy do require that health and mental health professionals take reasonable steps to protect you and/or others should you report suspicion of child, elder or dependent adult abuse, or the threat of serious danger to yourself and/or others. In addition, in order to ensure the highest quality of care to you, your counselor may consult with other professionals within the Counseling Center and from Student Health Center at CSUB. A signature on the "Informed Consent" form signed at the beginning of services will authorize discretionary disclosure and exchange with these professionals. Additionally, in an effort to make CSUB the safest possible environment in which to work and learn, Counselors may need to report incidents of threats or violence to the Office of Risk Management. If you have any questions about the legal limits of confidentiality, be sure to discuss your concerns with your Counselor. Your comfort and security is critical to the success of your counseling experience.