Student Title IX Training

At CSUB we prioritize finding ways to ensure that you have the most comprehensive, and rewarding, college experience. That demands an environment that is accessible, inclusive, healthy and safe. To that end, we educate and train all members of our campus community to help ensure that environment exists.

All students, per Executive Order 1095 revised (, are required to complete training on sexual misconduct on an annual basis.

Online Training

The online interpersonal violence prevention program from Student Successis an annual video based training that will provide critical information about the issues of sexual misconduct, helping you better understand their importance, and what you can do to help make your campus safe.

New Students

New students to campus, including freshmen, transfer, and incoming graduate/post baccalaureate students are required to complete the “Not Anymore" online training. This initial training will take about 1 hour to complete.

Continuing Students

Continuing students are required to complete a 30-minute refresher every academic year as long as they remain a student in the CSU System. At CSUB, continuing students are required to complete the "Rethinking Relationships Refresher" course for 2018/2019 academic year.

Accessing the Online Training

To complete the training online, use this link: You will log in using your CSUB credentials (username and password). You will be taken to the Not Anymore Account Setup Page. Follow the instructions provided.

For technical difficulties, click on the “Tech Help” button. If you continue to have technical difficulties, please email

NOTE: The “Consent for Research” at the beginning of the training is voluntary, you may decline it. Declining will remove the survey sections.

Campus In-Person Workshops

CSUB will be providing in-person workshops to students who wish to take the training in person with our Campus Advocate & Education Coordinator, as an alternate option. This will allow students to fulfill their Title IX training requirement, complete the training as a group with fellow students, and provides an opportunity to ask any questions to our Campus Advocate & Education Coordinator.

Spring 2019 In-Person Workshops

Main Campus

  • TBD        

AV Campus

  • TBD


CSU Bakersfield is fully aware that the content of these training's contain content that is sensitive in nature. The University provide a special accommodation for those who are not comfortable with taking the training because they may be survivor, religious reasons, or a disability. The special accommodation consist of a one-on-one meeting with our Campus Advocate & Education Coordinator, who will review all our campus resources, address any concerns, and answer any questions.

To request an accommodation, please email us at You will be contacted by our Campus Advocate & Education Coordinator in order to set up a time to conduct your accommodation.

Judicial Hold

Failure to fulfill your Title IX training requirement by the specified deadline will result in a "Judicial Hold" being placed on your account, which will prevent students from registering for classes for the following semester. You can still access and complete the training when the hold is placed, however, it will not be lifted until the training is completed. The hold is automatically removed within 24-hours of completion.

Deadline to complete either training: Early March 2018


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