Mission Statement

The CSUB Latina/o Faculty and Staff Association is committed to the advancement of the university’s Latina/o community, as well to cultivating Latina/o cultural expression both on campus and in the surrounding region. The association is inclusive and open to all CSUB faculty and staff.

The association’s goals are to -
  • Create empowering networks among faculty and staff.
  • Assist in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Latina/o faculty, staff, and students.
  • Recognize the notable achievements and special contributions of Latina/o faculty and staff.  
  • Promote and organize cultural events both on campus and off as a means to enrich the university experience, foster partnerships among students and members, and celebrate Latina/o culture.


Faust Gorham - fgorham@csub.edu
Alicia Rodriguez - arodriquez@csub.edu

Steering Committee
Ruby Alvarez - ralvarez9@csub.edu
Claudia Catota - ccatota@csub.edu
Jim Drnek - jdrnek@csub.edu
Carol Dell'Amico - cdellamico@csub.edu