Requirements for the Major in Communications: Public Relations

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General Core Requirements (15 units)

A. Lower Division Required Courses (3 units)
    COMM 2020 Introduction to Communication Studies

B. Upper Division Required Courses (9 units)
    COMM 3000 Theories of Communication
    COMM 3010 Mass Media Law
    COMM 4908 Senior Seminar

C. Upper Division Writing Course (3 units)
    COMM 3008 Technical and Report Writing

Public Relations (15 units)

Designed for students interested in careers in public relations, organizational/corporate/intercultural communication and the related field of marketing.

Required Courses:
COMM 2110 Issues and Practices in Journalism
COMM 3210 Public Relations
COMM 3220 Public Relations Strategies and Tactics
COMM 3230 Case Studies
COMM 3260 Public Relations Management

Communications Studies Courses (6 units)

Select two upper division courses:
COMM 3020, 3048, 3050, 3058, 3060, 3070, 3077, 3078, 3068 or 3098, 3088, 3240, 4077

Electives Courses (6 units)

Six (6) additional upper division units in Communications courses selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Portfolio Requirement

As part of COMM 4908 (Senior Seminar), each student will prepare a portfolio that displays what has been gained from the major in Communications. The portfolio is a collection of materials that addresses each of the goals that the program 129 COMMUNICATIONS faculty expects students to achieve It also includes a personal statement and a brief analysis of each course taken for the major in Communications.

To create a portfolio, each student should maintain evidence from all communications courses and from other experiences that provide support for the student’s accomplishments as a Communications major. Questions about the portfolio may be directed to the student’s advisor or to any communications faculty member.