Internship Requirement for Communications Majors California State University, Bakersfield

All academic internships begin now with a visit to the Center for Community Engagement and Career Education in CAFETERIA 102B (661-654-3033) to complete an academic internship application. Once the academic internship application is complete, a step-by-step guide will be forwarded to you via email. You must follow the entire process due to the risk management issues associated with an academic internship. You will not receive credit unless you follow the guidelines and fill out the paperwork from the Center.


____ Step #1: Do you meet the prerequisites? For Comm. majors, you MUST have a minimum 3.0 GPA and have completed 15 or more units in residence. You must be a junior or senior.

____ Step #2: Click on the CECE link above and also read this Internship Handbook.

____ Step #3: Complete application for the CECE, obtain the Center's signatures, attach a professional-looking resume, and take both to the place where you have arranged to do the Internship. Return with the signed forms required by the CECE.

____ Step #4: Register for the appropriate class and section (Comm. 4860) by filling out an ADD SLIP at the CECE.

____ Step #5: You will then choose a department Internship Coordinator who will have agreed in advance to monitor your progress throughout the internship.

____ Step #6: Work at least the minimum number of hours you need per week to fulfill the course requirements: [for semester, 1 unit = 35-45 hours; 2 units = 46-90 hours; 3 units = 91-115 hours]

____ Step #7: Complete the Weekly Internship Report (Form #1), and email it to your Internship Coordinator at the end of each week. DO NOT FALL BEHIND on this task.

____ Step #8: Turn in your Midterm Internship Report online (Form #2) and send to the Internship Coordinator midway through your Internship.

____ Step #9: Turn in your Final Report online (Form #3) by the last day of classes (not the last day of finals!!!) to receive your grade (CR/NC).

____ Step #10: Check with your Employer to insure that he/she has done the Internship Evaluation. Your coordinator will then telephone or email your on-site supervisors for comments on your work.

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Internship Forms

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