Career Opportunities

Public Relations for a large company. Do you like working in large teams? Interested in working for large firms and agencies? PR positions in large regional, national or even an international organization can be an exciting experience because of the size of the PR team.

Public Relations for a small company. Looking for something a little closer to home? Working for a small local company can give you more experience in more areas while helping a company grow.

Public Relations for a nonprofit. There are numerous nonprofits that always need help promoting their missions. Whether it’s focusing on helping the environment or helping kids, working for nonprofit organizations is an interesting job you’ll always feel good about at the end of the day.

Freelance Public Relations. Do public relations for small organizations that outsource public relations and marketing.

Marketing for a company that parallels with your interests. Not quite interested in doing PR work, look for marketing positions with organizations that has a mission and/or values you are interested in.

Social Media. Already an active social media user? Use your skills and take advantage of positions with companies that are new to the social media platforms.

Website Content Writer. Online communication requires a specific skill set. If you have that skill set, consider applying for writing/marketing/PR position for an online company or website.

Government/Public Affairs. Many organizations hire communication specialists to represent their organizations at the local, state, and federal levels of government.

Fundraising. Working in fundraising is a great way to meet lots of interesting people while doing important in a challenging job.

Work at a college or university. Colleges and universities require a lot of communication jobs: admissions materials, community relations, marketing, PR. Find a place you think you'd like to work and see what options are available.

Work at a start-up. Start-ups can be a fun place to work because everything is starting from scratch. Working for a start-up gives you a great opportunity to learn and grow with a new company.

Work as a journalist at a paper or magazine. Although traditional print press is going through a rough time, there can still be some interesting jobs out there where you can put your communications skills and training to use.

Work on the radio. Working for a radio station -- either a music-based local station or something different, like National Public Radio -- is a unique job where you can meet lots of interesting people.

Work for a sports team. Love sports? Consider working for a local sports team or stadium. You'll get to learn the ins-and-outs of a cool organization while helping with their communications needs.

Work for a crisis PR company. Nobody needs good PR help like a company (or person) in crisis. While working for this kind of company can be a bit stressful, it can also be an exciting job where you learn something new every day.

Work for a public relations/marketing agency or firm.

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