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Hello! My name is Crystal Montoya and I am currently the CSU College Corps Program Coordinator. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies and minor in Special Education and Master of Science in Educational Counseling from CSUB. I am a Shafter High School graduate, go Generals! I have been with the program since it first began and have witnessed its improvement firsthand. I worked as an advisor at East Bakersfield High School and North High School. I strongly enjoyed working with students and providing them with valuable information and resources available to enhance their high school experience, career exploration, and life after high school. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience; this is an awesome program that truly makes a difference one student at a time.

Administrative Assistant
Hello everyone! My name is Rosio Perez, I majored in Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies and minored in Sociology. I am currently the assistant for the CSU College Corps Program. I’ve been working for the program for 4 years now and have enjoyed every day of it. Growing up, I was unaware of the A-G requirements and what steps I had to take to get to college. This program has allowed me to make a difference in students’ academic career by providing information similar to the information I did not have growing up. I look forward to seeing my students graduate and become aware of essential information they need for college.

Each advisor is assigned a cohort of 35-50 students at a pre-selected high school. They continue to work with their assigned cohort all four years of high school, freshmen through senior year.

All pre-college advisors receive summer training about the CSU system and CSU Bakersfield admission requirements, financial aid and scholarships, academic advising, transcript evaluation, career assessment, outreach programs, CSU Mentor, test administration, math and English placement tests, record keeping, leadership, confidentiality, and professionalism.

In addition, all pre-college advisors are required to enroll for a General Studies course primarily focusing on the CSU College Corps Program implementation, activities, services, and updates. Topics discussed include record keeping, school updates, college awareness, career exploration, workshop coordination and implementation, lesson plan strategies, handling difficult situations, ethics, professionalism, customer service, admission requirements, and financial aid.

Hello my name is Erika Carvajal and I am currently a freshman at CSU Bakersfield. I plan to major in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.   I graduated this past year from Wasco Union High School and I am a first generation college student. This is the first year being involved with the CSU College Corps program and I have gotten the chance to work with students at Independence High School. I look forward to seeing my students grow and be able to watch them succeed in their life after high school.

My name is Jose Gonzalez and I am currently a freshman at California State University, Bakersfield. I graduated from Independence High School in 2014 and am currently undeclared, but will declare by the end of fall for sure! I have participated in many community events such as fundraisers and clean-ups for clubs, organizations and plan on continuing it. I am very organized and motivated to do my best in anything I’m involved in, so I’ll do everything I can to give Bakersfield High School sophomores an amazing year.  I am really honored to be a part of the College Corps; it’s truly an incredible program in which I can guide students on the path they want to take.

My name is Josiah Krantz. I am 18 years old, and a freshman at CSUB. I plan on majoring in Psychology. Before I moved to Bakersfield I lived in a small town called Oroville CA, where I graduated from Hearthstone Charter School. I also attended Butte College. When I found out about the CSU College Corps Program I was very excited about the job.  I have always volunteered at different youth centers, high schools, and Jr. Highs. Throughout my experience I have always enjoyed working with students, and preparing them for their futures. Therefore, I am thankful for College Corps giving me the opportunity to work at a job I enjoy doing.

Hello everyone! My name is Heaven Rodriguez and I am currently a sophomore at CSU Bakersfield majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. I come from the small town of Shafter, there I attended and graduated from Shafter High School. I started working with the CSU College Corps program the spring quarter of my freshmen year and ever since then I fell in love with the program.  I am currently advising sophomores at Bakersfield High School. I have worked with them since their freshmen year and I have enjoyed watching them grow throughout these two years. I enjoy my job and advising my students about what to do in order to do well in high school and be successful in college. I hope to continue with this program and watch my students grow. I love the excitement they bring to every advising session and I hope to bring that much excitement when I see them walk across the stage at graduation.

My name is Sonia Sandoval and I am currently majoring in Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies at CSU Bakersfield. I began working for the program in spring 2011 and I am currently working at Independence High School as a Pre-College Advisor. I enjoy working with high school students and helping them through their entire pre-college journey. As a former student at Shafter High School, I do not recall having programs like the CSU College Corps available to us. This is the reason why I believe that the work we do with the local high schools is really important! I am especially proud to work for a program that makes a difference in our community.

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