about CMS Student Administration


Welcome to CSUB's Student Administration (SA) Support Systems Office! This office is part of the CSU Common Management Systems (CMS) Project, which is an initiative that involves all 23 of the CSU campuses and the implementation of PeopleSoft Human Resources, Financials, and Campus Solutions (Student Administration) software.

The Common Management Systems (CMS) project was initiated by the CSU Chancellor's Office in 1998 in an effort to consolidate the management systems of the campuses comprising the CSU system and to identify a singular software package, which will support the Human Resources, Financials and Student Administration systems needs of the 23 campuses and the central office. Several software solutions were reviewed, which resulted in the selection of PeopleSoft as the software vendor.

Centralized development efforts have resulted in the delivery of a baseline set of modifications of core functionality, which will be used by each of the CSU campuses. CSUB is currently live with Human Resources and Financials. Implementation dates for Student Administration are expected to run from January 2007 through October 2008.

The Student Administration (SA) Collaborative is a group of five CSU campuses (Bakersfield, Humboldt, Monterey Bay, San Marcos and Stanislaus) that currently use SunguardHE/Banner (formerly SCT/Banner) as their student information system. All CSU campuses are required to implement the CSU Common Management Systems (CMS) baseline version of the PeopleSoft Student Administration system by fall 2008. The SA Collaborative campuses have agreed to combine implementation efforts to leverage resources and reduce the overall cost of implementation as compared to independent campus implementation costs.

The over-arching mission of the CSUB Student Administration (SA) Support Systems Office is to enable CSUB faculty and staff to successfully recruit, retain, and graduate students by collaboratively and smoothly transitioning to a reliable, flexible student administration system (PeopleSoft SA) that is successfully:

We welcome your ideas, suggestions, and general feedback concerning our PeopleSoft SA implementation efforts. If you have ideas for improving these efforts, or the information provided on this home page, please contact the CSUB Student Administration Support Systems Office at phone (661) 654-6450 or 654-6919. Thanks for visiting our home page!