HCM Instance Release & Refresh Dates

The following table lists release information for each of the CSUB HR & SA environments. To log into a particular environment, please click on the Instance name.

Instance Purpose/Use HCM Release Version People Tools Date Cloned Instance Cloned From
HABAKDVL Develop campus modifications HCM 9.0 MP15.00 8.53.02 11/30/14 HBAKPRD


- MP15.02 Testing HCM 9.0 MP15.02 8.53.02 01/13/15 HBAKPRD
HABAKTRS - Parchment Testing
- FERPA App Testing
HCM 9.0 MP15.01 8.53.02 11/30/14 HBAKPRD
HABAKTRN - Course Match Testing HCM 9.0 MP14.03 8.53.02 11/20/14 HBAKPRD


Stage Migrations, performance testing, and production support HCM 9.0 MP15.01 8.53.02 01/21/14 HBAKPRD


Production HCM 9.0 MP15.01 8.53.02 N/A N/A

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