Student Records Security Roles

Role Name Description PS Role Name
A&R / EUD Stud Empl I Admissions and Records / EUD Student Assistants - Internal Use Only CSUB_AD_SR_STDNT_EMPL_I
A&R / EUD Support Staff Admissions and Records / EUD Administrative Support Staff CSUB_SR_AD_SUPPORT_STAFF
Academic Dept Admin Support Academic Department Administrative Support Staff CSUB_SR_ACAD_DEPT_ADMIN
Articulation Officer Articulation Officer CSUB_SR_ARTICULATION_OFFICER
Athletics Advisor Athletics Compliance CSUB_NCAA_AU
Dean Academic Dean and Associate Dean CSUB_SR_DEAN
Deans Office Admin I Academic Dean's Office Administrative Support Staff CSUB_SR_DEAN_OFFICE_ADMIN_I
Enrollment Mgmt Generalist Internal Use Only CSUB_ENRL_MGMT_GENERALIST
Enrollment Mgmt SS I <blank> CSUB_ENRL_MGMT_SS_I
Enrollment Mgmt SS II Professional Staff Academic Advisors CSUB_ENRL_MGMT_SS_II
Evaluator Admissions and Records / EUD Evaluations Staff CSUB_AD_EVAL_STAFF
Faculty Affairs Provost's Office Administrative Support Staff CSUB_SR_FAC_AFFAIRS
Institutional Research Institutional Research Staff CSUB_SR_INSTITUT_RESEARCH
SOE Credentials Analyst School of Education Credentials Evaluators CSUB_SR_CREDENTIALS_UPDATE
SR Student Info View I Viewing Student BIO Demo Information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address), Term Activation Status, Enrollment Appointments, and Class Schedule. Appropriate for Public Safety, Library, and general student info lookup. CSUB_SR_STDNT_INFO_VW_I
SR Student Info View II Includes all access to SR Student Info View I and includes View access to: CPP, Enrollment Request Summary, Milestones, Student Grades, Class Roster, Term Statistics, and Test Scores CSUB_SR_STDNT_INFO_VW_II
SR Super User All Level Access for SR - Internal Use Only CSUB_SR_SUPER_USER
SR Tech Staff Admissions Technical Support CSUB_SR_TECH
TMP Academic Plan Update Temporary Role:  Internal Use Only CSUB_SR_ACAD_PLAN_TEMPORARY
TMP Setup Role Temporary Implementation Role - Internal Use Only CSUB_SR_SETUP_SPR
UnderGrad Studies Admin Undergraduate Studies Administrative Support Staff CSUB_SR_UGRD_STDY_ASST
UnderGrad Studies AVP Admin Undergraduate Studies Administrative Analyst CSUB_SR_UGRD_STDY_AVP_ASST
AddOn - A&R / EUD Stud Empl IV Admissions and Records / EUD Student Assistant - Additional Access - Internal Use Only CSUB_AD_SR_STDNT_EMPL_IV
AddOn - APDB Reporting Add-On Role: APDB Reporting Role CSUB_APDB_REPORTING_U
AddOn - ERS Reporting Add-On Role: Admissions and Records ERS Reporting Role CSUB_ERS_REPORTING_U
AddOn - ERS Reporting DSS Add-On Role: SSD ERS Reporting Role CSUB_ERS_REPORTING_SSD_U
AddOn - ERS Reporting EOP Add-On Role: EOP ERS Reporting Role CSUB_ERS_REPORTING_EOP_U
AddOn - Evaluator Super User Admissions and Records / EUD Lead Evaluator CSUB_SR_EVAL_SPR
AddOn - Grade Change & Repetition Add-On Role: Internal Use Only - Grade Change and Course Repetition Update CSUB_SR_GRADE_CHG_RPTN_U
AddOn - Quick Admit Internal Use Only CSUB_SR_QUICK_ADMIT_U
AddOn - Quick Enroll Add-On Role: Student Registration CSUB_SR_QUICK_ENROLL
AddOn - Registrar SPR Internal Use Only CSUB_SR_REGISTRAR
AddOn - Scheduler Add-On Role: Temporary Role - To be incorporated into Academic Dept Admin Support CSUB_SR_SCHEDULER
AddOn - Service Indicators Add-On Role: Place or Release Service Indicators - Additional Row Level Security Required (Viewing Service Indicators does NOT require this or any additional access) CSUB_CC_SERVICE_IND
AddOn - Student Groups Add-On Role: View and Update Student Groups - Additional Row Level Security Required CSUB_SR_STUDENT_GRPS
AddOn - Term Act / Enroll Appt Add-On Role: Term Activate and Set Enrollment Appointments CSUB_SR_TERM_ACT_APPT
AddOn - Term Unit Overload Add-On Role: Deans Office - Override Term Unit Limits.  CSUB_SR_TERM_OVERRIDES
AddOn - Test Score Update Add-On Role: Update Test Scores CSUB_SR_TEST_SCORE_U
AddOn - Transfer Data Entry Admissions and Records - Transcript Data Entry Clerk CSUB_SR_TRNS_CRDT_DATA_ENTRY

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