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What can you do with a degree in Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies (CAFS)?
Individuals majoring in the CAFS program are interested in working first hand with children and their families. Their degree allows for some of our graduates to teach in either the elementary school setting or the preschool setting. Individuals majoring in CAFS can also work in social settings such as case management, criminal justice settings, Head Start, and the Department of Human Services. Any occupation that focuses on how children learn and develop and how families grow and work together falls within the realm of the CAFS major.
What will the CAFS program look like?

Currently there are two tracks that students can follow. Students can choose between the general track and the elementary education track. Students that choose the elementary track prepare for teaching in k-6 grade; you may also complete a supplemental program to teach grades 7-8. This track will prepare students with course work needed for CSET exam (successful passing of this exam is required to enter the credential program). Once students have graduated with their BA, they then can enter the multiple subject credential program.

It is important to remember that the state of California sets the guidelines for the requirements of teacher credentialing. Currently, under the state guidelines, all credentialed teachers must successfully pass the CSET, CBEST, and have their CTAP certification. No longer does the state accept BA course work as a waiver for the CSET. What this means is that students have more options. Students do not need to follow a teacher preparation track for their BA to be accepted into a credentialing program. However, at CSUB, students must have successfully passed their CSET, CBEST, and have their CTAP certification in order to enter the credential program.

Many of our students who are interested in elementary teaching are choosing the general track. This track allows students to have an in-depth study of how children learn and grow and how families interact as well as influence children. Under this track students will complete all of CSUB's required general education courses, the required CAFS courses, and a minor. Students choose this track because it opens doors for them in both the elementary field and also in other career choices. The students who are planning on teaching in the elementary field have successfully completed the CSET, CBEST, and obtained their CTAP certification.

Once I choose the track I want to follow then what?
The CAFS program is interested in you the student. To help you be successful, we recommend that you come by each quarter to meet with an advisor to review your program. If you have questions about advising then you may contact our office 654-3286 or email Dr. Christie Howell,
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