Program in Child Development
Shaping the Future
The vision within the Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies Program (CAFS) is to promote partnerships that foster healthy children, supportive family relationships, and an interactive community of diverse learners. This program will also offer learning activities that provide superior educational preparation for teachers, parents, and community professionals that will aid in the development of well prepared persons to interact with and support a fluid, culturally, socially, and biologically diverse population within the local, regional, national, and global community.

The philosophy of the Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies Program (CAFS) has as itís core a confluent and constructivist educational approach that perceives learning as the merging of cognitive, affective, social, and motor domains as experienced by the individual, family, and community, as experienced within the cultural contexts of global, national, and regional communities. This belief reinforces the premise that the study of Human Development is not a parochial study, but rather a process of examining the totality of the human experience in ever-changing environments.
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