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California State University Bakersfield
Graduates Program in Child Development

This program is on currently on moratorium.


The concentration in early childhood education is available for those individuals who have undergraduate or post-baccalaureate preparation related to Early Childhood and Family studies. The student should intend to teach in child centered settings with infants, preschool, or elementary aged children, work as administrators of childhood and family programs, pursue a career as a researcher, become a college instructor in early childhood, child development, and family education, work in private industries related to child and family centered products, or private or public service organizations.

The primary orientations of the concentration are toward improvement of teaching, design, and development of programs, curricula, and the utilization of research in child and family centered programs. Appropriate concerns are methods, materials, plans, research data, and procedures pertinent to early childhood and family education.

The specialization in early childhood and family education is obtainable in conjunction with the regular elementary credential, and the Master of Arts in Education degree.

Requirements for MA Degree Concentration in Early Childhood Education (45 quarter units minimum requirement)

  1. A valid basic California teaching credential (when applicable)
  2. 9 quarter/6 semester units of Child Development or equivalent.

Core: (7 units)
  1. EDRS 680 Educational Statistics (5)
  2. EDRS 681 Research Design and Analysis in Education (5)

Concentration: (minimum of 25 quarter units).
Required: The following five courses are required:
  1. EDEC 513 Seminar in Early Childhood and Family Education (5)
  2. EDEC 514 Growth and Cognitive Development (5)
  3. EDEC 522 Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood and Family Education (5)
  4. EDEC 523 Family and Community Involvement in Education (5)
  5. EDEC 545 Human Development: A Lifespan Perspective (5)

Electives: select a minimum of (8) eight units from the following:
EDEC 443 Supervision and Administration of Early Childhood and Family Education Programs (5)
EDEC 444 Internship in Administration and Supervision and Administration of Children's Program (5)
EDEC 532 Creative Experiences for Early Childhood Education Settings (3)
EDEC 590 Special Topics in Early Childhood and Family Education (5)
EDEC 644 Early Childhood Field Experience (1-6)
EDBI 505 Cross-cultural Education (5)
EDCI 591 Problems in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education (1-5)
EDIS 699 Independent Study in Graduate Education (1-5)
EDLT 558 Reading in Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Schools (5)
EDLT 585 Children's Literature (5)
EDSP 501 Introduction to Education of Exceptional Children and Youth (5)

Culminating Activity: (select one)
  1. EDCA 690 Master's Thesis in Education (5)
  2. EDCA 691 Master's Project in Education (5)
  3. EDCA 692 Master's Examination in Education (5)

45 total units are required for a MA degree.
Admissions Requirements - same as university plus 3 letters of recommendation
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