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faculty Program in Child Development
Currently our program has five full-time instructors in the Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies Program. Each instructor has several areas of interest and brings to this program a unique perspective. Listed below are the instructors and their interests.
Picture of Christie Christie Howell
CAFS program coordinator.
Interim Director of CSUB Children's Center
Areas of interest:

early childhood education, infants and toddlers, children who are homeless, parental influence on development, play, service learning

Picture of Cary
Cary Larson-McKay
Areas of interest:

empathy building and development, parenting approaches, creative processes in learning, service learning

Kim Brown
Kim Brown
Areas of interest:

Early literacy development Family relationships Family involvement with the young child's early literacy development adolescent development

Irene Cook
Irene Cook
Areas of interest:

My family- from my 101 year old grandmother to my 6 month old grandchild (#11) (And all eleven are amazing little wonders) I am passionate about teaching and consider myself a life-long learner. I am involved in several different community organizations that work toward moving Kern County's child care to ever higher quality: I am Chair of the Kern County Child Care Council, President of Kern Association for the Education of Young Children, on the Kern County Child Development Conference Committee, and many others. I am enjoying my involvement at the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter's Child Care Center, Discovery Depot

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