Graduate Student Professional Development Resources

Graduate Student Professional Development Resources


Personal Development

Stress Management – Healthy coping skills and strategies that lead to student success.

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CSUB Resources (CSUB Counseling Center):

Health and Wellness – Supporting physical, mental and emotional health.

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CSUB Resources: Student Health Center) (CSUB Student Recreation Center)

Life and Work Balance – Appropriate prioritization between needs and demand of “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family, and spiritual).

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Financial Literacy – Understand money management: including managing income and expenses.


Resources: Financial Aid)

Student/Faculty Interaction (SFI) Lunches for Graduate Studies – The more interaction students have with faculty outside the classroom, the more likely students are to persist and be successful.


Resources: studies/‐Events/Teaching‐Learning‐Resources/Encouraged‐student‐faculty‐interaction‐outside‐of‐class‐Advising‐Today/View‐Articles/Building‐Student‐ Faculty‐Relationships.aspx


Civic Engagement


Service Learning/Community Service – Integration of community‐based and academic learning.

What is it? Policy Guidelines CSUB1.pdf(See definition on Page 6)

Benefits: Learning Faculty_Handbookrev.pdf(See benefits on Page 10)

Resources: (Center for Career Education & Community Engagement)

Board Meetings –  Formal meeting of an organizations’ board of directors.

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Community Engaged Research – Research designed to contribute to an academic discipline and strengthen the well‐being of a community.

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Professional Development

Institutional Research – Collecting, maintaining and preserving data while developing an analysis to inform decision‐making.

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Resources: Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment)

Writing an Effective Literature Review – The proper approach to reading, interpreting and reporting scholarly articles, books and other resources.

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Resources: Writing Resource Center) Graduate Student Center)

Graduate Student Leadership Program – Provide real‐life, hands‐on experiences in Student Affairs administration. Develop supportive, meaningful connections with peers, faculty and administrators. Learn about self, management, supervisory and leadership style. Support obtaining employment following degree program completion.

What is it? Student Affairs Division)


Resources: (CSUB Center for Career Education & Community Engagement) (CSUB Graduate Student Center)

Professional Etiquette – Interactions between people that creates a sense of ease and comfort.

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Resources: (CSUB Center for Career Education & Community Engagement)

CA Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education – Explore opportunities & resources by participation in workshops planned by a consortium of public and private institutions.

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Resources:  (CSUB Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology)

Resume Preparation – Effectively communicate why you are the best candidate for the job.

What is it? (CSUB Resume Development Guide)

Resources: (CSUB Resume Development Guide and Samples) (CSUB Center for Career Education & Community Engagement)

Managing an Effective Online Presence – Make your online presence an asset by using it to express professional aspirations and interests.


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