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Student Pay Rates & Classifications

Class I

[$8.00 - $9.50] - Entry level position. May be hired anywhere within range up to the max to allow for prior experience and skill level.

Class II

[$9.50 - $12.00] - Mid level positions; semi-skilled. May be hired anywhere within range up to max to allow for prior experience and skill level.

Class III

[$12.00 - $17.26] - Technical/Advanced Skills. May be hired anywhere within range up to max to allow for prior experience and advanced skill level.

Class ISA

[$10.00 - $16.42] - (Instructional Student Assistant) - Students are hired through the Provost Office. See the Faculty Affairs web page for instructions.

Position Change Request

(Merti Salary Increase) - Used for skill level change. Pay increase or merit increase. Also used for department funding change (example: Work Study to Student Assistant). Use Payroll Form 117 to request raise and submit to payroll at least two week prior to end of pay period.

Student Assistant, Class I ($8.00 to 9.50)

At minimum wage, this class includes jobs that are learned relatively quickly, do not entail a great deal of responsibility, and do not require specific skills, education, knowledge, or experience. Such positions are routine and repetitious and can be learned after a brief orientation. The subject matter is non-technical and not complicated. The work involves little or no independent judgment, problem solving, decision making or recommendations. At this level, incumbents may work under immediate supervision, however only general supervision may be necessary once the assignments have been learned. Examples of duties at this level are: filing, general clerical and receptionist duties that do not require specific skills, stocking shelves, delivering office supplies, sorting and delivering mail, shelving books, beginning grounds-working, custodians, and general maintenance workers, trainees in laboratories and libraries, and non-essay exam graders.

At higher pay, this class may involve higher level skills and/or responsibility than entry level, or requires occupational skill. These jobs are routine, but require some prior experience, training or knowledge. Incumbents receive general supervision. Close supervision is exercised when performing work out of the normal routine. Examples of assignments at this level are clerk-typist (35-55 wpm), general clerical, cashiering, accounting clerical, data entry and word processing, apprentice trades, trained grounds-workers and custodians, locksmith's assistant, drafting or graphic assistants, trained library assistants, tutors, teacher's aides, lab assistants requiring skill and knowledge, and readers of subjective material representing more than simple concept and theory understanding.

Student Assistant, Class II ($9.50 to 12.00)

At this level, technical knowledge and/or education, experience and responsibility are required. Students employed at this level will usually be experienced upper division students working in a specialized area. Assignments at this level require specific training, skill, and/or knowledge. The nature of the work is semiskilled, technical or quasi-administrative, requiring interpretation, reasoning, and independent judgment. Work at this level is varied in subject matter and may include skilled labor jobs. Assignments may also include technical jobs involving trouble shooting or problem solving that requires application of a specialized body of knowledge. Students at this level may lead/coordinate the work of other students. Incumbents are expected to work independently with only general supervision. Examples of functions include advanced level research/laboratory assistance, library assistance, typing/word processing, stenography/transcribing, reading of subjective materials, technical writing, Class II driving, and computer operations

Student Assistant, Class III ($12.00 to $17.26)

At this level, students will be doing work of an advanced, more technical nature where there is more autonomy and/or responsibility. Students may also be involved in working on a special project or similar activity requiring advanced skills, experience, or expertise.

Examples of positions appropriate for this class include Cooperative Education Recruiters, graduate students working on specific projects requiring expertise and independent judgment, User Support student technicians, and KEMP tutors. This class is also used for positions that require higher salaries to compete in the market place.