CECE Forms

  • To post a job (Log in to RunnerLink and complete a job posting, questions? X3033)
    • You will receive a Form 105 via email as an attachment (the 105 form is in Excel format). Department fills out student information and Section B on computer, prints out form, gets supervisor and area head signatures, and sends Form 105 with student to Payroll.
    • Log in to RunnerLink and close job posting
  • To post a work study position (Log in to RunnerLink and complete a job posting)
    • After you post the job, you will receive a conformation email. (Student will get the Form 104 directly from Financial Aid.)
  • If you would like a student application form, here is one you may download and print.
  • View pay rates here (see also classification definitions).
  • To give a student a raise (Form 117, Student Assistant Transaction Form) Form is sent to Payroll.
  • To keep a current student employee over the summer or to re-hire a student in the Fall who worked for you the preceding Spring quarter. Form 108. Form is sent to Payroll (student must have been enrolled in Spring quarter and have been working for you during Spring Quarter.
  • To evaluate a student (optional, for within department information only) for a reclass, a merit salary increase (one step after 6 months), an early salary increase, or progress report (Student Assistant Performance Report).

  • To fire a student you must first notify Payroll and fill out the Student Separation Form BEFORE talking to the student. These are California Department of Labor rules.

Please Note:

All forms are in PDF "fill and print" format. This format uses Adobe© Acrobat© Reader software. Most computers on campus have this software already installed. If you have difficulty viewing, filling out, or printing these documents call User Support at x2307.

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