Posting a Job

Posting an employment opportunity is easy! We advertise full-time, part-time and internship positions on RunnerLink. We also work directly with our campus academic partners to vigorously advertise positions within specific majors and programs. We encourage you to make contact with the CECE if you would like to develop specific strategies to reach CSUB students.

You can use one of several options to post a position. The most efficient and flexible option that affords the most visibility is to use our career services management system, RunnerLink.

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Other options for posting jobs with CSUB -

  • Email the position posting to the CECE office at
  • Mail the position to the CECE (If submitting by mail, you may wish to utilize our position vacancy form, a helpful guide to prepare the posting.)

Next Steps...

Upon receipt of the job posting, the CECE quickly screens the posting. We contact you immediately if we have any questions or need clarification related to the job posting. We post the position immediately on RunnerLink after the screening process has been completed.

Please note - We work with equal opportunity employers only, and we reserve the right to edit job postings and refuse postings when deemed necessary.