The CSUB Migrant Book Assistance Program (MBAP) is proudly funded by Employers' Training Resources (ETR), National Farmworker Jobs Program, since 2008. Due to the program’s success it’s led to a continuous partnership with ETR. For the past five years, the MBAP Coordinator has had the pleasure to serve over hundred students, with book assistance and career development services during the duration of their participation in MBAP at CSUB.

The mission of the program is to continue to provide career and book services up to 25 CSUB students, who meet the ETR eligibility, as per funding year. To be eligible the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a CSUB undergraduate student
  • Be currently enrolled in twelve academic units in CSUB
  • Have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Have a migrant /seasonal farm working background (self/or parent’s)
  • Have a legal right to work in the U.S.
  • Are a resident of Kern County
  • And qualify for the ETR income eligibility

As a qualified MBAP participant, you’ll be able to obtain a book voucher in the amount of $300 quarterly (maximum of twelve academic quarters at CSUB, per ETR funding year), receive career material/supplies, guidance and support in the following areas: job search strategies, resume building, career assessments, interviewing techniques, development of career portfolios, and acquire job referrals and internship leads, just to mention a few of the services that are provided by the MBAP coordinator.

If you are interested in this great opportunity don’t hesitate to contact Maricela Ramirez, MBAP Coordinator, to learn if you qualify for the Migrant Book Assistance Program.

Need help in finding a job lead?

Job Banks/Employment Information: - an opportunity to search at the Government levels. - an opportunity to look for different types of city jobs in the Greater Bakersfield area. - an opportunity for you to post your resume and links to other job search tools are found on the website. - an opportunity to search for jobs near your area, according to zipcode. - careers in California Government.

Open Quote
The [MBAP] has helped me in so many ways…The program pays for my books and… I don’t have to worry about paying for them and I can [focus] on my classes… I appreciate the program for helping me in [these] hard times… Close Quote
Stephanie Nava,
CSUB Junior


24th Annual Bakersfield Women's Business Conference 2013

From left to right MBAP 2012-2013 Participants: Adriana Ledesma, Maricela Ramirez (MBAP Coordinator), Stephanie Nava, Maria Gomez and Alejandrina Moreno.

MBAP Students

MBAP 2013-14 participants working on a career assessment during the Winter 2013 Quarter’s, MBAP Job Search (Do’s/Don’ts) Workshop.

Left to right: José Solórzano, Júan Murrillo, Alma Contreras, & José Arreguin