Public Policy & Administration Concentration(25)

Required Courses for Concentration

PPA 275 American Government & Public Administration
PPA 300 Public MGMT & Leadership
PPA 490 Senior Seminar in PPA
and two (2) of the following:
PPA 320 Data Management in Public Administration
PPA 340 Policy Networks
PPA 476 Public HR Administration or
MGMT 310 HR Management
PPA 478 Budgeting in Public Organization

Course Descriptions

PPA 275 American Government and Public Administration (5)

This course analyzes the field of public administration. Topics analyzed include the role of government in American society, the historic development of the public service, management issues related to modern governmental enterprises, problems of personnel, public budgeting, and alternative strategies for securing administrative responsibility. The course focuses on readings and cases pertaining to local and state administration, although issues involving the federal level are discussed where appropriate. GE D3, USCA/USCN.

PPA 300 Public Management and Leadership (5)

Introduces basic principles of responsible leadership, effective management, organizational change in public, nonprofit and health care management settings. Includes social science issues in: authority, motivation, organization behavior, and leadership styles. GE T3.

PPA 490 Senior Seminar in Public Administration (5)

This capstone seminar for students in public administration examines: (1) the structure and environment of modern public bureaucracy; (2) the key administrative processes such as decision-making leadership, communications, budgeting, and personnel; (3) the policymaking process; (4) political and economic bases of public policy and administration. Prerequisites: PPA 275, 300, 476 (or MGMT 310), and PPA 478. PPA 490 is normally taken in the last quarter before graduation.

and two (2) of the following:

PPA 320 Information and Data Management in Public Administration (5)

This course explores how information technology and data management techniques are being used in public organizations to manage organizational processes, plan community action, and evaluate service. The problems and promise of IT are examined and the student learns basic skills in information and data management. Case studies and IT professionals are used to enhance learning.

PPA 340 Policy Networks (5)

This course offers an overview of the policy-making process and policy networks at the national, state, and local levels. This process can be divided (somewhat arbitrarily) into several stages: agenda setting, policy formulations, policy adoption, budgeting, policy implementation, and policy evaluation. The course covers the relevant literature on each stage of the process. The course will also examine several important policy areas including economic policy, energy and environmental policy, crime and criminal justice, welfare policy, health policy, education policy, legal and social equality, immigration policy, and life-style policy. GE T3.

PPA 476 Public Human Resources Administration (5)

This course explores several of the major issues and ideas of public personnel administration: selection, promotion, pay, and discipline of public administrators; the merit system; civil service boards; collective bargaining in the public sector; and ethical problems of modern public administrators. Includes discussion of nonprofit agency personnel administration.


MGMT 310 Human Resource Management (5)

This course provides an overview of the functional areas of Human Resource Management. The course begins by examining environmental factors such as legislation, organizational strategy, labor, and global issues. Next, the HR process is examined—recruiting, training, compensation, benefits, performance appraisal, and termination. Throughout the course, students are provided with the opportunity to engage in HR practice and develop HR policy. Prerequisite: MGMT 300.

PPA 478 Budgeting in Public Organizations (5)

This course will introduce the student to the major concepts of public budgeting and finance in the United States. Budgeting at all levels of government will be covered. Key topics of study include: expenditure estimation, revenue forecasting, capital budgeting, budget reform, and financial management. The role of the budget in the policy process will also be emphasized.

or any other courses approved by the PPA Advisor.

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