Marketing Concentration

Required courses for concentration

Three (3) courses selected from:

MKTG 301 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 302 Advertising & Public Relations
MKTG 304 Professional Selling
MKTG 405 Sales Management
MKTG 406 Marketing Channels & Logistics
MKTG 410 E- Business Marketing
MKTG 420 Global Marketing
MKTG 430 Services Marketing

and one (1) required course:

MKTG 400 Marketing Research & Control or
MKTG 490 Marketing Planning & Problem Solving
* Students may take MKTG 400 & 490 Plis two (2) more courses form the selection above.

The Management & Marketing Department prepares students for careers in a variety of organizational occupations, including: human resource positions like benefits or compensation specialists; logistics positions in warehousing, supply chain management, or transportation; a variety of management positions, marketing careers in sales, advertising, or product/brand management; or entrepreneurial opportunities in small business.  In addition to responsibility for the coursework in these areas, this department is also responsible for the courses in the general business administration area.

Course Descriptions

MKTG 301 Consumer Behavior (5)

An analysis of the individual and aggregate market behavior of consumers and the use of theoretical and empirical consumer information in developing marketing policy and strategy. Prerequisite: MKTG 300.

MKTG 302 Advertising and Public Relations Strategy (5)

An integrated approach to planning and creating the firm’s total marking communications program, primarily advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and Internet advertising. Surveys the entire field of promotion in its social and management context and develops the creative approach, strategy, and tactics necessary to realize the objectives of the marketing program. Emphasizes student participation through the cases and projects; also the application of quantitative statistical and qualitative research techniques to formulate and evaluate communications plans. Prerequisite: MKTG 300.

MKTG 304 Professional Selling (5)

Study of professional selling process as marketing activity. Topics include understanding buyer/consumer behavior, communication, and relationship building. Students will be trained in tools for effective professional selling or other persuasive business interactions. Skills include finding leads, qualifying prospects, determining needs, developing and delivering sales presentations, overcoming objections, closing sales, and post-sales support. Role-playing is an integral part of the course. Prerequisite: MKTG 300.

MKTG 405 Sales Management (5)

Recruitment, hiring, training, and retention of salespersons. Providing analytical skills related to sales forecasting, and estimating the profitability of the sales generated and potential sales. Prerequisites: MKTG 300.

MKTG 406 Marketing Channels and Logistics (5)

A study of the distribution function including retail management, supply chain management, inventory management, transportation, and e-marketing distribution strategies. Includes study of relationship building with channel partners, channel leadership, and integrated channel strategies.

MKTG 410 E-Business Marketing Strategy Analyses (5)

Customer service and positive customer service are critical in the E-Business marketplace. This course covers all the necessary technical details related to the Internet, and places these details within the context of marketing strategy, consumer behavior, advertising, and other marketing topics. Specific topics discussed include detail assessment of: the relationship between brand management and marketing strategy; the rise of web casting; web site promotion; web site quality measurements; email list harvesting and targeting; banner ad exchange; web site traffic analysis; Usenet; and news group marketing.

MKTG 420 Global Marketing (5)

Analysis of the development of international marketing strategies and programs from the determination of objectives and methods of organization through execution of research, advertising, pricing, distribution, financing, and human resource management activities. Emphasis on the design of optimal strategies under varying physical, economic, political, social, and cultural environments, and specific marketing situations. Case analysis. Prerequisite: MKTG 300.

MKTG 430 Services Marketing (5)

An intensive study of the concepts, practices, and development of strategies involved in marketing of services. The course will focus on the unique aspects of services marketing, such as demand management and quality control, and will cover a wide variety of services, including professional and business services. A case analysis approach will be used. Prerequisite: MKTG 300.

 and one (1) required course:

MKTG 400 Marketing Research and Control (5)

A study of the concepts underlying the collection and analysis of data for marketing decision-making and control. Surveys the application of scientific methodology as an aid to problem formulation, exploratory research, basic observational and sampling requirements, data analysis, interpretation, reporting, and control. Student application of research techniques and data treatment is emphasized. Prerequisites: MKTG 300 and BA 301.


MKTG 490 Marketing Planning and Problem Solving (5)

Focuses upon formal marketing planning and analysis of problems facing the marketing executive. Practical case studies utilized for the identification and analysis of marketing problems, selection and evaluation of alternative solutions and plans, and implementation of recommended strategies. The course integrates all aspects of marketing, business, and quantitative theory into strategic policy-making, including Internet marketing and e-commerce. Prerequisites: MKTG 300 and two additional marketing courses, or permission of the instructor.

* Students may take MKTG 400 & 490 plus two (2) more courses from the selection above.

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