Majors That Mean Business

As an accredited professional school, we are dedicated to educating students to become more effective and efficient managers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors that operate in our complex and dynamic environment.  Although each program has unique learning goals and objectives, all the degree programs emphasize communication and quantitative skills, context and external environments, critical thinking and integrative problem solving, and a working knowledge of the pertinent academic disciplines.

The demanding programs in the School build upon the general education curriculum that prospective business and public administration students complete in the freshman and sophomore years.  The knowledge and skills acquired in these broadly based programs are enhanced as the student enters the upper level professional programs within the School of Business and Public Administration.

In pursuing its educational mission, the School’s objective is to be responsive to the needs and desires of its primary service area as well as the external market.  By recoignizing this need, the faculty of the School has pursued applied research interests both within and outside the primary service region.  These research efforts have been critical to the growth and development of the School and have contributed significantly to the attainment of educational goals of the institution.  The global enviromenment, which most organizations operate in, effect decisions made today. Research and teaching efforts of the School are designed to reflect ongoing changes in the economy and society.

The School recognizes that its student clientele require a holistic understanding of business, economics, and public administration and must be able to easily relate one functional area to another. They must be able to draw upon skills learned in a variety of specialties for purposes of analysis and decision making.  Consequently, both the undergraduate and graduate curricula are constructed on a strong core that places an emphasis on the development of analytical and management skills.

The School is staffed with faculty drawn from the top schools of business, economics, and public administration in the United States and foreign nations. With an ever increasing number of new students, the School must grow. Not only has the faculty size increased to meet the needs of students, but the skills needed to meet the new technological and conceptual changes occuring in the private and public sectors have grown. As an effective educational institution, BPA seeks to be proactive to these changes rather than reactive.

Structurally, the School of Business and Public Administration is organized into four major departments:  Accounting and Finance, Management and Marketing, Economics, and Public Policy and Administration.  These four departments offer the degrees and concentrations offered in the School.

School of Business & Public Administration (BPA)

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