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Economics Concentration (25)

Required courses for concentration

ECON 301 Microeconomic Theory or ECON 451 Managerial Economics;
ECON 302 Macroeconomic Theory or ECON 430 Money & Banking
And, three (3) upper division ECON electives


Course Descriptions

ECON 301 Microeconomic Theory and Applications (5)

Theory construction and application in the areas of consumer choice and demand, production and cost, competitive markets, general equilibrium, and welfare economics. “C-“ or better required for the major. Prerequisite: ECON 201.

ECON 451 Managerial Economics (5)

Application of empirical methods to managerial decisions. Topics include estimation of demand, sales forecasts, business conditions, analysis, estimation of production and cost functions, pricing and advertising, and capital budgeting. Case studies and software applications. Prerequisite: ECON 201, ECON 220, or equivalent; MATH 140; or permission of instructor.

ECON 302 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy (5)

Short run fluctuations and long run fundamentals for macroeconomic variables such as GDP and its components, the unemployment rate, the price level and inflation rate, interest rates the yield curve, exchange rates and the trade balance, the government debt-to-GDP ration, potential output, and real growth. Case studies, data collection and analysis, and monitoring of economic indicators and Federal Open Market Committee policies are integrated. “C-“ or better required for the major. Prerequisite: ECON 202.

ECON 430 Money and Banking (5)

A study of the banking system, the demand and supply of money, monetary policy, the quantity theory of money, the interest rate, the theory of portfolio chase, and international finance. Prerequisite: ECON 202.


Contact Information

Mark Evans

Chair and Professor of Economics
Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Phone: (661) 654-2023
Fax: (661) 654-2207

Angela Mora

Administrative Support Coordinator
Phone: (661) 654-2181
Fax: (661) 654-2438