Guidelines for Successful Printing

File Format

The Print Shop requests that you submit your job as a PDF whenever possible (WebPrint will automatically convert your files to PDF format upon upload). When designing your job please keep in mind that colors should be chosen from CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) values rather than RGB (Red, Green, Blue) in order for us to match your intended colors as closely as possible. Also make sure that you are not missing any links before you save your file as a high resolution or "Press Quality" PDF.

If the Print Shop has produced your artwork, please do not submit the proof you were provided. Ask for a "print ready" file for submission or, when using WebPrint, "order from a hard copy" and indicate that the Print Shop has the original artwork. Proofs are often low resolution and have not been fully processed for high quality printing.

Primary CSU Bakersfield Campus Colors

CSUB Blue - Pantone 661 C    (as of 2017)

CSUB Yellow - Pantone 116 C

See "CMYK vs RGB Color" for color values.

Artwork/CSU Bakersfield Logos

Please do not take screenshots or copy university logos/art from the Internet; the quality of this art is not appropriate for printing purposes. If you need university logos, please email Maylanie Winton at or Brittany Conner at