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What do I do if the vendor did not charge sales tax for the purchase of an item that is taxable (such as a book)?

If a vendor did not charge you sales tax for a taxable purchase, make sure you check the Tax box for the transaction when reconciling your statement/report in ProCard Adjustment.

What happens when I check the Tax category in CSU ProCard?

Accounts Payable, who reviews/audits ProCard reports, will calculate the use tax on the item purchased and General Accounting will post a chargeback to the chartfield string associated with the transaction for the use tax amount.

How will Accounts Payable know that my taxable purchase included shipping and handling, which is not taxable? For example, my total purchase at Amazon was $110, which are taxable, and I was charged $10 for shipping/handling, which is not taxable.

Cardholders should attach the receipt/invoice that show all charges itemized. Packing slips also show a breakdown of the charges, so cardholders should attach these documents to the reconciliations as well. AP techs are trained not to include shipping/handling amounts when calculating use tax. If an AP tech is unable to determine the breakdown, they are trained to contact either the vendor directly or cardholder for an itemized invoice.