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What do I do if I used the wrong ProCard for purchasing?

If you use the wrong ProCard for a purchase, then you will need to complete a Billing Request Form to move the transaction to the appropriate business unit.

What happens if I notice that someone did a chargeback to my department erroneously?

You or the other department will need to complete an Expenditure Transfer form to have the chargeback corrected.

How do I change the default chartfield information for my ProCard?

To change your chartfield information for your ProCard, please complete a ProCard Revision Form and submit to Procurement.

I have a new department Chair or Administrator but my statement shows the old Chair/Administrator's name as the approving official. Do I cross out the old name and write in the new Chair/Administrator's name?

Yes, but only for the immediate report pending. Complete a ProCard Revision Form to correct your approving official and submit to Procurement.

How do I fix a transaction that used an incorrect or outdated default chartfield?

If you had a charge that was posted to the default chartfield, which is incorrect, you will need to do an expenditure transfer to move the transaction.