Direct Pay

The University offers the Direct Pay method for University obligations for which little or no value can be added by processing the transaction through standard procurement procedures. The Direct Pay option may be used  under the Delegation of Purchasing Authority for the purchase of non-tangibles and for off campus services up to $1,000.

Examples include:
•Provost pre-approved Faculty advertisements
•Registration fees (local one (1) day conference only)
•Authorized pre-employment medical examinations
•Off campus maintenance and repair services up to $1,000

The Direct Pay Form may be used for one-time, low-value commodity purchases (i.e. less than $500). The Direct Pay Form may not be used for employee reimbursement over $1,000. Purchases over $1,000 could result in the employee being personally liable. Campus members are encouraged to use the University’s Procurement Credit Card program to make allowed, tangible (commodity) purchases whenever possible.

Did you know?

Campus Administrators must have an approved Purchasing Delegation Application on file in the Office of Procurement in order to approve a Direct Pay.