Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving is responsible for receiving and delivering all non-US Mail packages and deliveries, and processing all outgoing non-US Mail packages, P.O. returns, warranty repairs, UPS Ground Rate and Overnight Rate packages.

Shipping Packages:   Due to our Discount Rate Agreement with UPS, most Overnight packages will be shipped out via UPS.  However, under special circumstances, other couriers such as FedEx, and D.H.L. may be available (please call ext. 3000 in such cases).  There are three UPS/Postal Service overnight drop-site locations on campus-- the hallway just outside of Human Resources, D.D.H. Room D100, and in BDC-A outside the BPA mailroom.  There you will find shipping envelopes and Shipping Information Forms. The deadline for drop off at these sites is 2:30 p.m.  If this deadline cannot be met, please call Shipping & Receiving at ext. 3000 and bring the package to Shipping & Receiving no later than 3:30 p.m.  After 3:30 p.m., packages will have to be taken to an off-campus drop off site by the department. Departments are responsible for preparing packages for shipment. Your PeopleSoft account fields must appear on the UPS overnight form prior to shipment.

UPS Overnight Form

UPS Tracking 

FedEx Tracking 

DHL Tracking

Return of Merchandise: Receiving Documents is responsible for all paperwork associated with orders placed by the university and must be notified by the department or individual of any problems that may exist with any orders placed. This can be done by returning the packing slip with appropriate notations within 24 hours of delivery.

Shipping & Receiving

Mailing Address:
9001 Stockdale Hwy.
Bakersfield, CA. 93311
Tel. 661-654-3000

Nancy O'Kane, Manager of Campus Support Services

Roger Lynch is the Shipping and Receiving Clerk