Program Description

The Interdisciplinary Studies Programs at CSUB allow students to examine concepts, issues, and perspectives that cross traditional boundaries of study, and to combine elements of distinct disciplines in a unique way. Currently, students can choose to specialize in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, or choose from available specializations in Ethnic and Area Studies; or, working closely with faculty coordinators, a student can craft a unique field of study that combines correlated studies in two or more fields to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

CSUB is the center of learning in Kern County. And while the University’s primary mission is educating undergraduate and graduate students, there is a great deal of learning that goes on outside the classroom — not just for CSUB students, but for the greater community as well. CSUB academic institutes are an invaluable point of contact between the intellectual life of those on campus and the outside world. 

 Institute of Religion, Education, and Public Policy

“facilitating dialogue and fostering deeper thinking about religion for the public good.”

The Institute has as its purpose to advance knowledge and understanding of the varied roles that religious movements, institutions, and ideas play in the contemporary world; explore challenges posed by religious pluralism and tensions between religious and secular values; and examine the influence of religion on politics, civic culture, family life, gender roles, and other issues in the United States and in the world.

Recent Programs Supported by the Institute of Religion, Education, and Public Policy:

  • The Election, Politics, and God: A Discussion of Our Electoral System and the Politics of Religion
  • Talk Better Together: A Facilitated Student Conversation about Immigration
  • Religion and Public Life Lecture Series

“IREPP is one way that various groups in the larger community – religious leaders, educators, commentators, and public servants – can come together and both find common ground and promote common causes for the common good.”

Valerie Schulz, local author and contributor to The Bakersfield Californian

Public History Institute

The Public History Institute (PHI) serves as a center for the collection, preservation, and management of history in the Southern San Joaquin Valley.

Recent Conferences Supported by the Public History Institute

  • Kern County at 150: Exploring our Region’s Past
  • Student History Conference on Kern County
  • Oildale and Beyond


The Public History Institute also supports an active oral history program in addition as serving as an archival repository for collections of documents, papers, and artifacts that relate to the Institute’s public programs.

Interdisciplinary Studies Programs

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Milissa Ackerley

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