Investing in Academic Excellence at Your University

At California State University, Bakersfield, our vision of academic excellence is exemplified by our determination to become the leading campus in the CSU system. With increased national recognition gained from our move to NCAA Division I status and continued investment into our campus infrastructure, the diversity and quality of the student experience is at an all time high. And with the introduction of the CSUB FUND supporting student and faculty achievement – we are aiming even higher.

The CSUB Fund

The CSUB Fund is the University's annual giving program specifically created to build a bridge between a good education and a great education. The fund allows the University to go above and beyond – to fill the gap between state funds and the true cost of higher education. Contributions from alumni, parents, faculty, and other supporters are combined to provide the University with its greatest source of unrestricted funds and the flexibility required to respond to immediate academic needs.

But the CSUB Fund is more than just a collection of gifts...it is a catalyst for turning individual generosity into a collective energy for the direct benefit of today's students and tomorrow's leaders. By supporting things like academic innovations, hands-on research opportunities, and faculty growth and retention, donors directly contribute to the growth of CSUB and the future success of every CSUB student.

The CSUB Fund for Students

Your support may fund:

  • Research assistantships
  • Community-based field work
  • Multi-disciplinary collaborations
  • Travel to conferences and intercollegiate academic competitions

The CSUB Fund for Faculty

Your support may fund:

  • Awards for scholarly studies
  • Research project support
  • Travel to conferences
  • Professional development to enhance classroom learning

Building CSUB's Legacy

The importance of gifts to the CSUB Fund cannot be underestimated. When you give to the annual fund – and give again every year – you allow CSUB to plan for the future with assurance. Not only does your commitment benefit today's students, but it also helps the University provide a high-quality education for future generations of Roadrunners.

Why Give to the CSUB Fund?

It takes a lot to run an outstanding University. While public funds do provide CSUB with a basic framework, it is the private support of our generous supporters that elevates our campus to an exceptional institution. The dollars raised through the CSUB Fund represent individual gifts from alumni and friends who care deeply about accessible, high-quality education for all.

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and faculty today by contributing to the CSUB FUND. Every gift – whether large or small – demonstrates your commitment to the mission of California State University, Bakersfield.

Open Quote
“All CSUB students deserve the very best! Let's ensure today's students have the financial resources available to experience the one of a kind, hands-on academic opportunities made possible by the CSUB Fund.” Close Quote
Geoff King '76