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Evaluation of Transfer Credits

The Evaluations Unit is located within the Office of Admissions and Records inside the Student Services building. We are responsible for admitting all students, providing evaluations of transfer credit, and for certifying of General Education breadth requirements and graduation check requirements for prospective graduating students. Transfer students enrolled in the university may check with this office to ensure course credit has been given for courses taken at another institution.

For further assistance, please contact one of the following staff members listed below. Select your evaluator according to your last name.

Admissions: First Time Freshman, Transfer Admission

A - Gomez, C

Kalyn Valentine-Townsend

(661) 654-2895

Gomez, H - Orti

Dina Hallmark

(661) 654-2894

Ortj - Z

Eva Ventura

(661) 654-2035

Evaluations:  Transfer Credit Posting, Graduation Processing

A - A. Cruz

Katie Schnieider

(661) 654-3390

B. Cruz - Hernandez, Jose

Christina Chavez

(661) 654-3391

Hernanadez, Josf - Mira

Paige Howard

(661) 654-6566

Mirb - Ruiz, DA

Jennifer Clayton

(661) 654-2687

Ruiz, Db - Z


(661) 654-3036