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ADT Applicant Process

Step One:

  • Complete and submit your Cal State Apply application online.  Click here to be taken directly to the application.

Step two:

  • Send a copy of your Official transcript with your current courses in-progress and final term courses in-progress.

Step Three:

  • Submit proof of verification to earn an ADT degree or an Official Transcript showing your completed ADT to CSUB admissions by the posted deadlines.

Step Four:

  • Petition/apply for graduation at your community college.

Step Five:

  • Request your final Official transcript with in-progress courses completed and your ADT degree awarded by the posted deadlines.

Step Six:

  • Submit your intent to enroll.  This will be sent after you have been admitted to CSUB.

Step Seven:

  • Make an appointment with an advising coordinator within your major to complete your Transfer Degree Agreement Contract and pre-advising to select your classes.