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SOCI Processing

The ACS department processes all SOCI packets. When SOCI processing begins for a particular term, SOCIs from previous terms will be processed as time permits.

Click here to go to the SOCI Website

OPSCAN Processing

Beginning on February 19, 2007 the OPSCAN Test Packet processing will be done in the Open Lab Student Help Desk.

The ACS Department will no longer be processing the OPSCAN Test Packets.

To get your OPSCAN test packets processed, please take them to the Open Lab Student Help Desk located in Room 1 - Computer A in the lower level of the Library. Enter the Library through the main entrance and go to the lower level. There is no access between the ACS department and the computer lab area. The door that does exist requires special access. You may drop off your test packets during the lab's hours operation.

Please choose a link below to learn more about these services. If you have any questions please contact the ITSS Open Lab Help Desk at extension 2440 or 3436.

OPSCAN Blue Form

OPSCAN Green Form

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