Student Services Center - Tab Navigation Issues - Jan 14, 2013

After the maintenance that took place on Monday, Jan 14th (Maintenance Pack 7.00), there are two reported issues with the Student Services Center Navigation.

1) After working with a CSUB ID in the Student Services Center, the user is unable to get to the search page by either clicking the browser 'back' button or clicking on the 'Student Services Center (Student)' link in the left hand menu. The existing CSUB ID remains.

Workaround: You must scroll to the bottom of the Student Services Center page and click on the 'Return to Search' button to change to a different CSUB ID.

return to search button


2) Navigating through the Student Services Center component will sometimes land the user on the search page instead of the intended student page.

No workaround for this known bug. User must re-enter CSUB ID.


Both of these issues will be addressed in a future maintenance pack.