myCSUB poor performance Mar 26th 9:30am-3:10pm

myCSUB users experienced poor response times logging in, navigating between different pages, or at some points were unable to login at all. These issues took place starting at 9:30am through about 3:10pm on Monday, March 26th.

The poor response times were caused by high loads on the system at multiple campuses in the CSU. Additional resources were added to ease the load. This helped for a while, but additional problems arose. There appears to be a problem with certain mobile devices and browser combinations which are tying up and not releasing resources.

Also, a web server crashed at about 2:00pm, which caused the system to be unavailable from approximately 2:00pm-3:10pm.

Technical support at the CSU as well as our data center provider Unisys are working to resolve these issues.