California Promise Four-Year Degree Pledge

Eligible students may sign the four-year degree pledge either as an in-coming freshmen or a second-semester freshmen.

Students must agree to all the following conditions:

  • Place in college level Math and English classes appropriate to the major
  • Complete at least 30 units each year including summer and winter intersession
  • Maintain good academic standing each semester
  • Attend student orientation sessions at entrance to the University
  • Maintain course pattern as related to the degree completion plan
  • Enroll in required course at those times when they are offered and/or available (which may include evening and weekend hours)
  • Remain in the same major they selected when they entered the University
  • Check student CSUB email account and the Pledge website on a regular basis.

CSUB will provide the following benefits to all four-year degree pledge students:

  • A valuable educational experience that brings together an excellent and dedicated faculty, relevant curriculum, civic engagement opportunities, and career development
  • Dedicated pledge advisor to support on-time degree completion
  • Highest level priority registration every semester
  • A meaningful general education program that introduces and reinforces basic skills, integrates knowledge, and encourages life-long learning
  • Monetary incentives MAY be available

If this sounds good to you then sign up for the California Promise Four-Year Degree Pledge or call the Office of Academic Programs for more information at 661-654-3420.