Who's Who Among Students In American Universities & Colleges

For more than seven decades this national program has honored outstanding campus leaders annually for their scholastic and community achievements.

CSUB Department committees nominate students based on their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extra curricular activities and potential for continued success.

Congratulations to CSUB's 2014 Who's Who Among Students!

Aaron Sproul Math
Alison Burrowes Social Work
Anabelle Hassan Communications
Andrew Feaster Social Work
Anne Baker Nursing
Arlene Johnson Social Work
Brynne Callahan Nursing
Chonny Vihanexai Nursing
Cindy Davis Social Work
Daniel Anderson History
Delia Chandler Spanish
Erin Wallace Social Work
Frank Madrid Math
Hien Nguyen Nursing
Hilary Tolin Math
Jake Galo Math
Jennifer Fitzsimmons Nursing
Jennifer Hudik Nursing
Jenny Andreotti History
Jesus Venegas Communications
Joshua Opatowsky Social Work
Jovanni Garcia History
Juan Rodriguez Ramirez Math
Kelly Tomlinson Nursing
Kim Kartinen History
Kristin Self History
Kuljit Singh Math
Leah Avila History
Lorre Web Social Work
Mardelano Booc Math
Maria Dillingham Spanish
Martin Rios PEAK
Meredith Alvarado Nursing
Monica Barksdale PEAK
Monica Gallardo Social Work
Nicholas Siewell Social Work
Nicole Morgan History
Olivia Garcia History
Paul Rendes History
Rayanna Hunter History
Sergio Contreras Math
Stephanie Aguirre Social Work
Stephanie Calhoun Math
Stephanie Webster Nursing
Tiffany Tinder Math
Tyler Scott Communications
Victoria Vazquez Communications
Wanda Winkler Communications
Whitney Warbington Nursing

Open Quote
"Don't worry when you are not recognized but strive to be worthy of recognition." Close Quote
Abraham Lincoln
United States President

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