Four-Year Degree Pledge

CSUB offers first-time freshmen in their first quarter a program that guarantees completion of a degree in four years. The program requirements and benefits are summarized here.

Key requirements to participate:

  1. Be a first-quarter freshman ready to enroll in general education English and mathematics courses.
  2. Declare a major, meet with an academic advisor each quarter, and enroll in a full load of coursework that you and the advisor agree meets your degree requirements.
  3. Maintain at least 2.00 GPA.


  1. You receive registration priority which enables you to have earlier access to register for classes.
  2. You are assigned to an advisor who will keep you informed of the courses needed to be taken.
  3. You are assured that the University will waive your registration fees for any quarters you have to enroll in after your fourth year.

For more details please read the four-year degree pledge form and visit the Academic Programs office, Educ 242.