Campus Conversation on Advising

CSU Bakersfield’s system of academic advising is instrumental to the success of students. Periodically, university functions require analysis and improvement. Provost Zorn has requested a three-part process to evaluate and measure academic advising on campus. The process will take place throughout the entire Spring Term. The process will involve the entire campus community, and the process will include both internal and external perspectives.

Early February

The Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment (IRPA) will distribute three in-house developed questionnaires. The purpose of the questionnaires is to gather perspectives on the advising function from students, faculty and advisors. Each instrument has been developed specifically for each CSUB audience.

February 12th  and February 13th

EAB is a national best practices firm with an existing relationship with CSUB. An EAB team will be visiting campus to meet with students, faculty, administrators, and advisors across two days in February. The purpose of EAB’s visit is solely to educate the campus on national best practices related to advising.


In March, there will be an open meeting to discuss what has been learned from both the Campus Questionnaires and the EAB Campus Consultation. The various campus constituencies that participate in advising will have a candid conversation about strengths and challenges of academic advising.

After this three-part process, Provost Zorn plans to confer with Academic Leadership including ASI, the Academic Senate and DCLC. All data, findings and recommendations will be openly available. At the conclusion of these conversations, Provost Zorn plans to work with the Academic Leadership to develop a plan to improve academic advising.

For further information regarding any of these activities, please contact the IRPA (x 6933) or the Academic Programs Office (x 3420).