The purpose of the Campus Beautification Committee is to beautify the CSUB campus through education and example with the prideful participation from the University community.

Executive Committee:

  • Dr. Thomas Wallace, Student Affairs
  • Dr. Emerson Case, Academic Affairs
  • EJ Callahan, Student Union & Organizational Governance
  • Mark Mayes, Athletics
  • Sukhvir Kaur, Athletics
  • Wilfredo Hernandez, Facilities Managment
  • Jennifer Sanchez, Facilities Managment
  • Deborah Burks, President's Office
  • Kenneth Williams, University Police Department
  • Nicole Gorrell, Student Affairs
  • Isabel Gonzalez, Student Affairs
  • Lauren Ash, Student Health Services
  • Erika Delamar, Student Health Services
  • Darya Samiee, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Emily Poole, Campus Programming
  • Nicole Satterfield, Food Services


  • Landscaping & Sustainability- Wilfredo Hernandez, Jennifer Sanchez
  • Marketing- Deborah Burks, Erika Delamar, Lauren Ash
  • Adopt-an-Area Coordination- Isabel Gonzalez, Maureen Fillmore, Sukhvir Kaur
  • Monthly Award Selection- Deborah Burks, Kenneth Williams, Nicole Gorrell
  • Campus Clean-Up Walk- EJ Callahan, Emily Poole