Academic Jeopardy

Students whose CSUB or Overall GPA falls below a 2.0 will be placed on Academic Probation.  The Academic Jeopardy program was designed to serve as an intervention for students on academic probation who believe their GPA may fall into the disqualification range (see below for class level and gpa range). In order to qualify for the Academic Jeopardy program, students on academic probation must first attend an Academic Standing Workshop (also know as Academic Probation Workshop) and complete the appropriate steps to qualify.  There are currently 2 ways to qualify: 1) attend 3 Student Success Workshops or 2) attend 2 Student Success Workshops and 1 tutoring session. Should the student qualify for Academic Jeopardy while on academic probation and fall into the disqualification range, they will be "saved" and participate in the Academic Jeopardy program the following semester. *Please note that this program can only be used once during a student's academic career at CSUB. 

Should you have any questions regarding the Academic Jeopardy program, please contact Kristie Luna at or Misty Croney at or call 661-654-2700

*Please note that all forms used to qualify for the Academic Jeopardy program must be signed by an advisor and tutor to verify attendance. No other methods are accepted.

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