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Women's and Gender Studies Associates

Associates of the Women's and Gender Studies Program are faculty who teach courses that count toward the minor, and faculty, staff, and administrators who are supportive of women and gender studies.

    WGS Associated Faculty

  • Abu-Lughod, Reem (Criminal Justice)
  • Anderson-Facile, Doreen (Sociology)
  • Armentor-Cota, Janet (Sociology)
  • Ayuso, Monica (English)
  • Commuri, Gitika (Political Science)
  • Cruz-Boone, Christine (Communications)
  • Dell'Amico, Carol (English)
  • Dugan, Rhonda (Sociology)
  • Duran, Anne (Psychology)
  • Grappendorf, Kris (Physical Education and Kinesiology)
  • Gubkin, Liora (Religious Studies)
  • Hall McPhetridge, Doris (Criminal Justice)
  • Henry, Patricia (Social Work)
  • Jackson, Debra (Philosophy)
  • Kegley, Jacquelyn (Philosophy)
  • Millar, Janet (Counseling Center)
  • Molina, Edna (Sociology)
  • Murphy, Cliona (History)
  • Pratt, Judith (Communications)
  • Santos, Gonzalo (Sociology)
  • Schmidt, Joanne (Modern Languages and Literatures)
  • Slaughter, Mary (Communications)
  • Stafinbil, Susan (English)
  • Weller, Rebecca (Art)


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