Compendium of Evidence for CPR

The CPR report submitted to the Senior College Commission of WASC must be accompanied with ratings from the campus community for the Criteria for Review (CFR) in terms of a self-review of "how well we are doing" and in terms of importance or priority at the current time, along with the evidence supporting CSUB's actions in meeting each CFR.

The Compendium of Evidence and the Supplemental Compendium of Evidence include the following:

Standard One -Defining Institutional Purposes and Ensuring Educational Objectives

Institutional Purposes
CFR 1.1
CFR 1.2
CFR 1.3
CFR 1.4
CFR 1.5
CFR 1.6
CFR 1.7
CFR 1.8
CFR 1.9

Standard Two - Achieving Educational Objectives Through Core Functions

Teaching and Learning
CFR 2.1
CFR 2.2
CFR 2.2a
CFR 2.2b
CFR 2.3
CFR 2.4
CFR 2.5
CFR 2.6
CFR 2.7
Scholarship and Creative Activity
CFR 2.8
CFR 2.9
Support for Student Learning
CFR 2.10
CFR 2.11
CFR 2.12
CFR 2.13
CFR 2.14

Standard Three - Developing and Applying Resources and Organizational Structures to Ensure Sustainability

Faculty and Staff
CFR 3.1
CFR 3.2
CFR 3.3
CFR 3.4
Fiscal, Physical, and Information Resources
CFR 3.5
CFR 3.6
CFR 3.7
Organizational Structures and Decision-Making Processes
CFR 3.9
CFR 3.10
CFR 3.11

Standard Four - Creating an Organization Committed to Learning and Improvement

Strategic Thinking and Planning
CFR 4.1
CFR 4.2
CFR 4.3
CFR 4.4
Commitment to Learning and Improvement
CFR 4.5
CFR 4.6
CFR 4.7
CFR 4.8

Summative Reflection